Arroyo Hondo Land Trust
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Living in Arroyo Hondo, we are blessed with a "country" way of life that is increasingly becoming rare and threatened.  Many of us believe that the trail system and the ability to share open space increases our property values and enhances our lives.  For many of us, it is the reason we live here. 

The purpose of this trail use agreement is to help preserve the unique character in Arroyo Hondo.  As good neighbors and good stewards of our precious natural resources, we can work together to preserve our natural surroundings and trail system, so that this neighborhood can continue to be a special place to live.

Historically, riders and hikers have moved freely throughout the area through an unwritten agreement, respecting homeowners' rights while enjoying a variety of terrain and habitats. From hilltops to the Arroyo Hondo Pueblo site, the wetlands in the canyon bottom to trails alongside the railroad, we have been lucky with the places we have to explore. Now as more homes have been built and we all live closer together, it is necessary to more clearly state our intentions and understanding of community use of the trail system.

The Trail Use Agreement will also help those thinking of purchasing in this neighborhood understand the way of life that we want preserved.  For those living here, we hope it will help protect one of the special aspects of the neighborhood.

The agreement has been created by the members of the Arroyo Hondo Land Trust steering committee to be as inclusive as possible. By virtue of living within the area defined in the agreement as being Arroyo Hondo, a resident is automatically a member of the Arroyo Hondo Land Trust (AHLT, a non-profit organization). Dues are voluntary and tax-deductible. There is no cost to signing the agreement and becoming a trail user.

Because we believe there is a mutual benefit to the creation of a formal trail system, we feel it is fair that people who wish to use it shall also allow access through their property. Thus if a property is fenced in a manner that prevents access to trails, or if it contains hazards that preclude safe passage on trails, then that property owner may need to consider making alterations or be excluded from participating in the trail system.

A vital component of the trail use system will be the creation of a map showing permitted trails, along with notes of any special use requests from landowners. This map is intended for use only by AHLT members and their guests and will be given to landowners upon the signing of the trail use agreement.

Please join us in building a stronger community by reading and signing the Trail Use Agreement.